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Frequently Asked Home Inspection Questions

Find Your Answers to Home Inspection Service Questions below:

Q1 – How do I choose a Home Inspector?

Your agent usually gives you a couple of Home Inspection companies they have used and have been happy with in the past. But it’s good to do your own research. As a Home Inspector, We do not have to be licensed in California. But being a member of a Home Inspection association gives credibility. CREIA (California Real Estate Inspection Association) requires inspectors to attend at least 30 hours of continuing education throughout the year. There are a number of associations in the U.S but CREIA is the only one that is specifically designed for California.  Call or email for a quote.

Q2 – Should I have an inspection done before I sell my home?

In my opinion, yes! Why? Because the person buying your home will (should) and having a pre-listing inspection finds any issues that you may able to address before the buyers inspection. This can help speed up the process and have you out of your old house quicker.  Call or email for a quote.

Q3 – Do I need to be there for the Home Inspection?

No. You are not required to be there but it may give you a better understanding of any issues I find, especially if this is your 1st home. But if you can’t make it, I am easily accessible for any questions you have after you have read the report.  Call or email for a quote.

Q4 – Can I bring my Dad, friend, partner along to the Inspection?

Of course. As long as it’s cleared with the Home Owner and/or your Agent. The more the merrier! Also, they might have a question you might not have thought of, especially if they have come across issues in their own home buying experiences. Call or email for a quote.

Q5 – How much will my Home Inspection cost?

Price depends on type of property (House, Condo, Townhome), size and any additional inspections (Crawlspace, Pool, Spa). There is NO additional charge for weekends! Call or click on the link in this web site for a quote. Call or email for a quote.

Q6 – How can I pay?

Cash, check, Venmo, Visa, MC or Amex. No additional charge for credit cards. Credit Cards will be processed onsite.


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