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Preparing for an Inspection

Prepare for Your Home Inspection with The Home Inspection Company

The last thing you want is long drawn out process before you can move into your new home. Whether you schedule your Home Inspection or your Agent does, the following are some things that need to be done/ available/ ready by the time I arrive at the property. Talk with your Agent about the items below to make sure we can do your Home Inspection at the scheduled time.

Prior to Home Inspection …

Blue_dot  Access
Make sure your Agent has arranged access to the property either with the Listing Agent or the Owner/ Occupant.

Blue_dot  Check with your Agent
Make sure all utilities (gas, electricity) & any pilot lights (water heater, furnace) are on. If they can’t be tested, we can’t find any potential problems.

Blue_dot  Sign your inspection agreement
Home Inspection reports will not be released until signed.

Blue_dot  Make a list of questions regarding the Home Inspection or any concerns regarding the property. Remember, there is no such thing as a dumb question, especially if this your first home buying experience.

During the Home Inspection …

Blue_dot  Attend the Inspection
If possible, attend the Home Inspection. While our reports are thorough and easy to read, nothing beats being able to see the issues first hand. An explanation of these issues may help alleviate any concerns you may have, and/or explain why certain professionals will need to be contacted to help correct these issues.

After the Home Inspection …

Blue_dot  Read Your Home Inspection Report
Thoroughly read your Home Inspection report. We give a summary after the Home Inspection showcasing some of the larger issues, but there is still a lot of information within the Home Inspection report that will be useful to you: locations of gas/ water shut offs, Electrical panels, and Heating units. After you have read the inspection report, if you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact The Home Inspection Company.


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